Kronen Bowl Planter 1m, Rust Stained Concrete

The Kronen Bowl contemporary flower pot is the shorter and broader cousin of the Kronen 90 and Kronen 65 outdoor flower pot. It once again derived its name from the Danish word ‘the crown’ and looks to make a real feature of your beloved garden. Suitable for placement as a patio flower pot, lawn or even moved to be an indoor pot.

In any of the colour choices, this garden planter is a wonderfully rustic addition to the garden. The rusty finish creates a much more expensive look to the pot and the orange/brown works well with greenery surrounding it.

Made from a strong and durable architectural fibre concrete, the Kronen bowl is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


W-1020 MM, H-360 MM, D-1020 MM (NB See image diagram)

Weight Est 35kg

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Kronen bowl contemporary flower planter is a low bowl that is great for varying the height of an interior or exterior landscape. Available in 3 colours, grey or white concrete and rust stained concrete it offer a different feature for garden design.

20 kg
99 × 99 × 35 cm
Drainage Holes





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