Kronen 65 Flower Pot, Rust Stained Reinforced Concrete 74 x 74 x 66 cm

Derived from the Danish word for ‘the crown’, the Kronen 65 flower pot is an origami inspired, geometric planter that offers uncompromised modern style and material to designers and architects.

The rust stained Kronen 65 flower pot gives a rustic and rugged look that complements the organic plantation within beautifully. The ability to make a reinforced concrete flower pots that appears to be made from wrought iron gives fantastic possibilities for creating different shapes you just wouldn’t see from other manufacturers.

Made from architectural fibre concrete Kronen 65 is a strong a durable material suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


W-740 MM, H-660 MM, D-740 MM (NB See image diagram)

Weight Est 70kg

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Kronen 65, a contemporary planter, is popular in rusted steel effect as the form is difficult to create in the real material. British designed by myself the form comes in grey as well and both are made from fibre reinforced concrete.

74 × 74 × 66 cm


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